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Introducing WeFirst, A Manufacturing-Centric HRMIS (Human Resources Management Information System ) Solution specifically designed to address the unique needs of manufacturers today and in the future. WeFirst goes beyond traditional HRM solutions by seamlessly integrating with manufacturing operations, providing real-time insights, and empowering manufacturers to build a future-ready workforce.

Modular + Integrated + Customisable

Revolutionizing HRMIS Process


WeFirst manages workforce tasks like attendance tracking, auto shift scheduling, and skill alignment for efficient deployment facilitating training programs to ensure safety and enhance productivity, aligned with production and performance targets.

Dynamic Payroll

WeFirst is a flexible system that adapts to varying employee needs and organizational requirements. It employs real-time data processing to adjust wages, deductions, and benefits based on factors like hours worked, performance bonuses, and changes in employment status.

Real Time Dashboards 

Real time dashboard enhances visibility of operations across work flow. Kaizen Ready Dashboards.

WeFirst Ecosystem

Ultimate Benefits

Enhanced Efficiency

Optimized Performance for Maximum Results

Inbuilt Report Builder

Advanced Report Building Tool at Your Fingertips

Reduced Employee Turnover

Boosted Retention of Employees

Future Ready Work Force

Investing in the Development and Preparedness of Your Workforce for a Successful Future

Role-Based & User-Based Secure Access

Implement role-based and user-based secure access for enhanced data protection

Dashboards, Reports & Auto Email

Interactive Dashboards, Insightful Reports & Convenient Auto Email Updates

Workflow Manager

Workflow Mastermind

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 WeFirst is not just an HRM software; it is a strategic partner for manufacturers, empowering them to build a future-ready workforce and achieve operational excellence. With its unique focus on manufacturing, commitment to innovation, and customer-centric approach, WeFirst is the go-to HRM solution for manufacturers worldwide. 

Top Modules

Contractor Management

Environment, Health, Safety & (EHS)

Compliance Monitoring

Payroll & Taxation


Travel Expense & Claims

Project Accounting

Self-Service Portal

Learning Management

Integrated Access Control

Low-Code Platform 

MIS & Business Analytics

Purchase & Inventory

Document Management

Multi Company & Multi Currency

Top Features