Customer Success Stories

For world’s largest automotive company

An integrated Attendance, Leave and Travel management system that has a 

bi- directional integration with SAP and SuccessFactor. Attendance and Leave

policy check in each form, view and workflow for total digitisation. SSO-

based web- portal with completely different user- interface for Direct and

Indirect employees adapted to their working and priorities. Multi- level

approval matrix with conditional workflows and document repository. More

than 35 reports for team members, managers, HODs, Cost-Centre owners,

payroll team etc. Ticket- based service desk.

For a Big Four accounting firm

Client had implemented state- of- the- art perimeter security systems, namely, Access Control, Surveillance and Fire Protection, at various facilities, across the country. Instead of monitoring each system in it’s respective software console, security team at the client wanted a single- console view of the various security systems. The integration platform provides real-time view of events and alarms. It also allows to view surveillance video of respective events generated by 3 rd. party security systems. Additionally, various customised reports are available in the system that can be either viewed or time- scheduled for email to the stakeholders.

For Indian Armed Forces

A government customer wanted to upgrade their central Personnel Recruitment and Planning Software (PRP) to address current and future business requirements. The delivered web- based software is robust, scalable and flexible. Users can design their own forms, modify existing forms, manage input fields, define workflows and design reports as per their requirement. Bulk data import and export module helps in importing data from their old system in a controlled batch manner. The system tracks new joiners, employee promotions and employee separation. There are a huge number of variances in type of employee, their selection profile, skill- sets, grades, designations, financial details, accidents etc and the software helps personnel with minimal computer skills easily manage the trove of records with ease. A huge number of operational, planning, compliance and event- based reports are pre- designed in the software for immediate use. 

For a global Engineering Conglomerate

To be compliant with the labour laws of the country, client wanted it's

manufacturing facilities to use a software that manages, monitors and

notifies of the compliance level of their contractors and contract workers. 

Based on a simple workflow and integrated with gate pass system, the

software ensures compliance right from the factory gates. Variety of reports

and dashboard help the compliance and security team to have a better idea

of the current and upcoming requirements from their contractors/workers. 

The software has a built- in forms designer, report builder and workflow

manager that helps client in updating the software inline with change in

government laws.

For a leading European Bank

Employee satisfaction and system Integration is need of hour. Every

new employee added in the HR system needs to be automatically

synchronised across various systems of the organization. Canteen is

one thing where employees needs to be added on real time and avail

benefits as per policies of the organization. Coupon vending is one

system where employee once added in the HR system automatically

gets added in canteen system to avail the benefits of canteen.  

For a Top-5 IT Organisation

Client wanted to automatically create timesheets for their huge workforce

distributed across geographical locations using data from multiple access

control systems and SAP. Earlier system used to process the attendance in

several hours. Using Teamnet software, client is now able to generate

attendance for employees, across facilities within 15 minutes. Within the

given time- period system calculates attendance based on organisation

policies and shift details and updates the same in SAP. The software has been

in active service for more than a decade now.

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